Natural products

Maíz morado - Zea mays

Purple Corn

(Zea mays)

Purple corn is a plant that grows in the inter-Andean valleys. It was used in the pre-inca gastronomy.
The cob is used to prepare the traditional drink called chicha moraday sweet dessert called mazamorra morada.
It is a powerful antioxidant, rich in phenols and anthocyanins.
Purple corn also has antitumor properties and bioactive.

-Dry entire / Whole dried
-COB ground to extract / Grinded cob for extract
-Ground COB / cob tea cut
-COB powder / Cop powder
-COB atomized dry extract / Cob dry atomized extract
-COB extract liquid / Cob liquid extract
-Extract capsules / Extract powder capsules
-In bag filters moida COB / Cob tea bags
-Whole grain dry / Dried kernel
-Grain powder / Kernel powder