5s program

Continuous improvement program

5s Program

Our commitment to continuous improvement

Our company has obtained the first place in the rating of the 5S “The first step for the quality” program, led by the specialists of the Commission for the promotion of Peru for export and tourism PROMPERU.
We share this achievement with our coworkers (personnel and Administration), who were always attentive and eager to participate in the program during the training. Thank you also to our domestic and foreign customers by the valuable information you give us to improve our production and marketing processes.
As our motto says, we have a commitment to the best continuous, through integration we have achieved with all areas to define new challenges and move forward to achieve standardization and discipline.
The results: more order and cleaning, greater agility in production and logistics processes, greater integration, achieving a more pleasant and motivating work environment.


Effort and constancy of our employees is shown in the results.

Constancia Programa 5s Siagro Export

Record program 5s services integrated agro-export
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Peter Marcelo – General Manager SIAGRO EXPORT